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3 Steps to Sell a home with HomeSmile

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within 5 minutes and you are on the
market in less than 24 hours!
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We will provide you with a free personalized value estimate within 24 hours if you ask us to do so
Prepare for viewings
We help you to prepare your home for selling and develop a selling strategy. Free and no commitment on your side
Show your house, negotiate
Choose and sign the best offer
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Get your benefits selling with HomeSmile

We provide a full range of services like a traditional realtor
Affordable fees
3.75% total fees = 2.5% for cooperating agent and just 1.25% for us
Digital helps us to be more efficient. We think it’s fair to share with you
Quit the contract with us at any time with zero cost
We believe in our quality and will only ask for one thing — your feedback
We do what you need
We do all the work and provide you with regular online updates on buyers calls, viewings, and negotiations — choose to lead any part of the process
Minimum physical interaction
We leverage digital ways of communication and maximizing safety by minimizing physical interaction

full range of services and beyond

Determine the right market value for your home
Check recent comparable real estate transactions in your neighborhood
Use practical levers to increase market value of your real estate
Fix everything that requires small time and effort
Clean the house
Get free professional photo service covered by HomeSmile
Order a home inspection
Get design advice from our professionals
Maximize exposure
Once the listing is in MLS, everyone can see it. We also provide additional targeted marketing
We negotiate firmly with respect
We prepare selling strategy taking into account real estate market conditions
Our team ensures your full comfort and transparency